The key reasons we want the community to own the Port of Dover are:

Keep the Gateway to the Nation forever England
The people of Dover and the Dover community believe the Gateway to the Nation, nestled at the foot of the famous White Cliffs, should not be sold off overseas. If the port is to be sold off as currently planned, our community should be able to buy it.

Investment in the national interest
For many years our port has suffered from underinvestment. We need to see seafront rejuvenation that will create more jobs and money. We need new dock facilities, to help speed supplies to their destinations up and down the land. Defending our country 70 years ago, Dover became "Hellfire Corner". We lost a beautiful regency town to enemy shelling. With this project we seek to make Dover once again a jewel in the crown of our nation, to make everyone really proud of our historic town.

A new partnership
The Dover Harbour Board has asked the Government to sell off our port. Litigation has broken out between the Harbour Board and the ferry companies. There is also strife with the community and people of Dover who oppose the sell off, as well as port workers. We want to see a new partnership where everyone works together in harmony for the common good.

A landmark of the Big Society
We hope the Peoples Port will be a landmark of the Big Society. The port is worth hundreds of millions of pounds and this project is all about fighting poverty and deprivation. We believe we can build a new greatness and success in a community that has seen too little in recent times.

Helping to restore the public finances faster
The Dover Harbour Board's plan is to sell off our port in 2012. If this sort of thing is going to happen, we worry that this delay will have a bad effect on the public finances. Our community wants to be able to buy the port before then. The money would come faster, which is more in keeping with the national interest and the restoration of the public finances.


We want to see harmony and partnership between all port users, the port and the people. Under this plan, the port would be owned by people who love our country. The port would be run in the national interest. The aim of this plan is to make Dover one of Britain's greatest towns.

We have already set up a community trust - the Dover People's Port Trust Limited ("People's Port Trust"). The People's Port Trust has been established and registered with the FSA as a charitable industrial and provident society - similar to the co-op. The key features of our proposal are as follows.

Mass membership  The Peoples Port Trust will be a mass membership community trust with anyone living in the Dover District able to become a member for £10.

How much? The Peoples Port seeks to purchase the Port of Dover under the Ports Act 1991 process and is looking to raise funds from City of London institutions and people who wish our plan well and want to invest in our project.

How will we run the port? We see all stakeholders working in a new partnership. The People's Port would be run to ensure there is an incentive to seek value, efficiency and infrastructure improvements over the long term.

How will we pay for it? The money would initially be raised institutions and members of the public. Finance would be subject to the usual due diligence requirements for a transaction of this nature.

What next? We have made a proposal to the Government to take this project to the next stage. The Offer Letter can be seen Here

To take things to the next stage, we need your help. We are raising a fighting fund. Please contribute or donate.


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We need your help. We are raising a fighting fund to help our bid. Please click below to contribute or donate. Or send a cheque made out to "The Dover People's Port Trust Limited" at the address below.

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