Is Tourism Beneficial To Dover?

Dover, Kent is an ideal location for those who are considering a break from big city life. As a popular tourism destination, it offers tourists a wide range of entertainment and activities from sailing and river cruising to bungee jumping and zip lining. While this busy seaside town offers plenty of things for visitors to see and do, it also has a rich history that provides insight into the life of local people, as well as a wealth of culture and heritage that has earned it a reputation as a tourist hotspot.

What Brings People To Dover?

Dover is a historic seaside town. It has been known since Roman times as a port and trading post. The Romans began building a walled town around the harbour in the second century, and from here the city gradually evolved into what it is today. There are two main gates – Castlestead and Woodes End. Each has its own character, with plenty of shops and cafes, pubs, and restaurants on either side. The port and the surrounding area, are now a thriving tourist attraction in its own right. Dover is home to many different types of culture. The port and surrounding countryside has a strong tradition in farming. Farmers still work the land, using horses, sheep, and the traditional forms of architecture to create a rich rural atmosphere. The local language is English, though many other languages are spoken by tourists. Dover has a rich oral history, and many visitors get the chance to study local culture through events such as the annual Oratory Festival. This festival draws local speakers of many languages to the town to share their language and culture.

Features Of Dover

Dover also plays host to the International Dover Festival, an international celebration of the arts. This year’s festival will celebrate its 50th year! Music and dance are at the heart of the festival, as local bands play music in the streets, while special events feature local food, wine, and arts and craft displays. Many visitors stay in local hotels, taking advantage of the wide selection of restaurants, shops, and leisure centres that are within short driving distance. Many visitors also choose to spend their days walking or cycling around the famous Promenade.   Dover has always prided itself on being a welcoming community. In keeping with this proud heritage, the local authorities have made life very easy for visitors. They offer a friendly welcome with plenty of local attractions, events, and activities for residents and visitors alike. The local schools offer many educational opportunities, including art classes, swimming, sport and drama clubs, as well as an excellent range of full-day, part-day, online courses. The city is proud to be home to some of the finest arts and cultural institutions in the country.

So Is Tourism Beneficial Overall?

Dover has much to offer. It’s a lively place to be. Its culture is charming, and its people are warm and friendly. Its shops and restaurants offer a variety of delicious delicacies and excellent local produce. It is the perfect holiday destination for anyone looking to discover the charm and beauty of East Sussex. Overall when looking at both the positive and negative effects of tourism in Dover, we can clearly conclude that generally tourism in Dover brings a wide range of benefits for local jobs as well as the economy and dover as a whole.

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