Visiting The Jurassic Coast In The South Of England

If you are planning on travelling around the UK, visiting the Jurassic coast in the south of England without doubt should be part of your itinerary This is because this area is a very popular tourist destination with spectacular coastal views in addition to a wide range of facilities that you can enjoy. This area contrasts in many ways to Dover city but is still in many ways just as desirable and popular as a holiday destination

How You Should Plan

If you are looking to travel, there should be a range of different ways in which you can travel. One of the main ways in which you can plan for travelling is checking the weather forecast. Checking the weather forecast is a good way to gauge what kind of clothing you will need to bring when you are going down south in addition to what activities you might participate in. Another important part of the planning process is budgeting. Budgeting is a good way to get an idea of your finances and how you will be using them on your trip. It is important that when you are planning you budget a variety of different things such as food as well as accommodation in addition to activities. This will give you the best overall picture of how much your trip is likely to cost.

Knowing Your Movements

Another important aspect of planning your trip is knowing your movements. Knowing your movements is important if you want to plan your route properly. In order to plan your route you can use software such as google maps. Alternatively you may wish to speak to tour guides or a travel company online. Doing this can give you a better overall idea of what your movements will be like when you are travelling. Prior planning is important if you want to have an idea of where to travel on your holiday.

Why Choose The Coast As A Holiday Destination?

There are a wide range of reasons as to why you may want to choose the coast as a holiday destination. One of the main reasons why people choose the coast as a holiday destination is convenience.  Being able to travel to the coast using public transport as well as by car makes the coast an ideal accessible choice for much of the UK. In addition to this, there are a wide range of accommodation and hospitality facilities located at the coast. This helps to make it one of the ideal choices for hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers every year. The history of the Jurassic coast is also a significant draw for many people visiting the area as tourists.

Changes In Opening Times And Tourist Season

From April to September the Jurassic coast is open and you will be able to view the wide range of wildlife in its natural habitat. You will be able to walk the famous coastal walks from Weymouth through to Exmoor where there are fantastic views of the Norfolk Broads. These walks take you through the wonderful sandy beaches that feature among the oldest known beaches in the world. Some of the beaches are sheltered by cliffs, while others are open. In October the Jurassic coast is back in action with plenty of tourist attractions including the Jurassic rocks which are the result of the sea bed sedimentary rock layers which are millions of years old. The Gulliver’s Theme Park is based on the legend of the giant Gulliver who lives in the rocks. This theme park includes a huge roller coaster ride as well as a real Gulliver museum and interactive exhibits featuring a 3D panoramic view of the geology museum. The Gulliver’s Theme Park is part of the World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands of people every year.

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